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When your feet hurt, the discomfort often radiates all the way up throughout the rest of your body. This can cause significant discomfort or other pains outside of the foot and ankle.



A bunion is the prominence of the great toe at the medial (side) or dorsal (top) of the foot. A bunion can be very painful and can limit the type of shoes that you are able to wear.

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Now you Don’t have to suffer from foot or ankle pain!

Don’t let your sore feet stop you from relishing the events in your life. Paying attention to your feet – as you do with your face and beauty can bring a noticeable change in your quality of life. Your Chicago Foot Physicians are committed to treating many varieties of foot pains and our strong belief in the relationship between physician and patient allows us to engage our patients to devise the most appropriate treatment plan. For instance, a common foot problem appears a bunion or the “bump” — a deformity of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint at the base of the big toe, which can cause rotation of the toe and limitation of movement, resulting in painful activities and trouble putting on shoes, especially heels.

We exclusively treat Bunions with both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Several other common foot issues include; Hammer Toes, Heel Pain/ Plantar Fasciitis, Neuromas, Fractures- non-displaced and displaced Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis). Physicians at Chicago Foot Physician devote time to listening to symptoms to appropriately diagnose the condition and recommend the most indicated and appropriate therapy or medication for the condition. Our physicians and professional staff engage patients in follow-up practices to ensure that symptoms are relieved and problems are solved.

Our physicians are committed to staying current with continuing Medical education and knowledge of the most current treatments available. This allows us to provide patients with current information, enabling them to make educated decisions about their well-being. Please see our education area for more information about common diagnoses and treatments affecting the foot and ankle. We approach all patients with the most appropriate treatment in mind, conservative or surgical.

Our office has moved. We have merged with Northside Foot & Ankle. Our new address is 750 North Franklin Street, Suite #102, Chicago, IL 60654. Please reach us by phone at 312-944-0000 or 312- 280-7886

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OurHappy Patients

  • I appreciated the doctor's honesty in reviewing with me what was needed to fix my toe problem she and was not quick to suggest surgery as the only alternative. She also recommended some solutions to alleviate the pain I was having with wearing my shoes.


  • I had never seen Dr McCombs before and called in the morning after I hurt my toe and she was able to get me in within the hour. Once I got there she was prompt, friendly and thorough. Her office is very clean and the receptionist is super nice.


  • I wasn't very cheerful when I saw Dr. McCombs. However, she remained very professional and calmly communicated what I needed to hear. She called me within hours of reviewing my x-rays and gave me additional information regarding my care.


  • I like her professional yet caring manner. She provided me with potential treatments of my conditions and any associated pros and cons. She will err on the conservative side which I appreciate.


  • I didn't wait at all when I arrived fro my appointment with Dr. McCombs. My procedure of removing an ingrown toenail was explained to me and the procedure itself went quickly. I'm due for a check up soon, but my nail looks to be healing quickly!


  • My husband and I have been patients of Dr. McCombs for a number of years. We never hesitate to recommend her services. She has a professional and personable manner, and she makes sure that her office staff are as well.


  • Dr. McCombs was thorough in her explanation of her diagnosis, and thorough in her explanation of a treatment plan. Throughout my visit I felt I was in the hands of a caring professional I could trust.


  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable clinician. Has seen me though some very tricky problems and helped me navigate them superbly. In all honesty, I could have lost my foot without Dr. McComb's expertise.


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